Arthur Weighs In/The Law of the Jungle Gym
ARTHUR WEIGHS IN: When Arthur doesn't fit into his costume for the play, he's shocked to learn that he's gotten "husky-sized." Now he's serious about getting in shape. Will he turn to an all-protein diet? Eat only herbs and berries? Or will he try something really radical...exercise?! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE:Arthur learns about healthy living and positive life choices through proper diet and exercise. THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE GYM: Muffy found the perfect place to take pictures with her new digital camera - the jungle gym. Unfortunately, it's Tough Customer territory, and Molly wants to bully Muffy right out of her new studio. But Crosswires do not compromise! OrÓ do they? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Molly and Muffy learn about conflict resolution by discussing their needs and their differences to find a satisfactory compromise.
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