Curious George
The All-Animal Recycled Band/The Times of Sand
The All-Animal Recycled Band: George recruits Charkie, Gnocchi, Hundley and Compass to play in a band inspired by the firefighters at Rescue Squad 86. For instruments, George gets creative and uses keys, rice in a milk carton, a birdseed canister with rubber bands, and a pie tin. Now all he has to do is figure out a way to get two dogs, a cat, and a bird to play music together. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To discover how to create new objects using found and recycled materials.The Times of Sand: George and The Man with the Yellow Hat have a sand castle building contest at the beach. With the help of Bill and Momma Bunny, George builds a great castle and learns about how to avoid losing your castle to the incoming tide. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To show that tides are natural events that occur in repeated, predictable patterns.
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