Curious George
The Elephant Upstairs/Being Hundley
The Elephant Upstairs: George hears a loud thumping sound coming from the ceiling of their apartment and becomes convinced that the new upstairs neighbor has an elephant for a pet. When The Man with the Yellow Hat points out how unlikely that is, George decides to investigate further and comes to the conclusion that if itís not an elephant, it must be a Galapagos Turtle who eats a lot of crackers, likes to wrap presents, and use a juicer. When they finally pay their new neighbor a visit, the real story is even more interesting than Georgeís theory. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To understand that different objects can produce sounds that are similar in volume and pitch. If you are unable to observe the source of the sound, you may make incorrect inferences.Being Hundley: George gets tired of being a monkey because monkeys have to clean their room, brush their teeth, and go to bed early. So he experiments with being a cat and a pigeon but decides that the best of all is to be a dog like Hundley. Hundley is not at all happy with this plan but doesnít manage to convince George that thereís room for only one lobby dog at this apartment building. It takes an elevator getting stuck between floors to help George realize being a monkey can be pretty useful in a pinch. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To learn how the form and behaviors of each kind of animal are related to how they meet the animal's needs.
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