Binky Vs. Binky/ Operation: DW!
Binky Vs. Binky: Binky may be tough and strong, but when it comes to sports, he always seems to choke. With some inspiration from champion bike rider Vance Legstrong, Binky discovers that the only competitor he really needs to beat isą himself. Educational Objective: Binky learns that being a successful competitor also means believing in his own abilities and doing his best. Operation: DW!: D.W. is having trouble hearing and needs an ear operation. Is it okay to be just a little bit scared? With the support of her parents, doctors and nurses - and yes, even Arthur! - D.W. learns to be brave, and also gets a first-hand view of how hospitals help kids get better. Educational Objective: Thanks to her family, and to the able and friendly medical professionals she meets, D.W. learns that the hospital is not a scary place but a helping place.
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