Desert Island Dish/The Secret About Secrets
Desert Island Dish: When Mr. Ratburn challenges the class to find the perfect food for surviving on a desert island, everyone picks potato chips or ice cream! But Arthur and the gang soon discover that they cannot survive - or pass their assignment - on junk food alone. By working together the kids learn about the importance of a balanced diet to overall health. Educational Objective: Arthur and the gang find out that there is no such thing as one perfect food, and that a variety of nutritious foods is essential to a healthy and balanced diet. The Secret About Secrets: Everyone seems to have a secretà everyone that is, except D.W.! But when D.W. is finally told one, she quickly learns that getting a secret is easy, but keeping one - and avoiding hurt feelings - is a lot harder than she thought. Educational Objective: D.W. discovers the importance of keeping a secret in keeping the trust of a friend.
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