D.W. on Ice/Spoiled Rotten!
D.W. on Ice - D.W. tells her friends that she's a fantastic skater. The truth is, she can barely stand on ice! And with Emily's skating party coming up, how will D.W. face everyone and tell them the truth? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: D.W. learns that she can have fun with her friends without always trying to impress them and that honesty is really the best policy.Spoiled Rotten! - Accused of being spoiled by her friends, Muffy sets about to prove them wrong by being the most charitable person around. But Francine is unimpressed by Muffy's token efforts - that is, until a used clothing store helps Muffy discover her true talents, and the true meaning of charity. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Muffy discovers that helping others sometimes involves sacrifice, but is very rewarding.
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