Curious George
Curious George On Time/Curious George's Bunny Hunt
Curious George On Time: After accidentally breaking Professor Wisemanís cuckoo clock, George decides to explore the inside of the BIG library clock to see how it works. When the big clock stops working too, Mr. Reloj, the local clockmaker, comes to the rescue. With Mr. Relojís help, George discovers how to use various tools to make the clocks tick again. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To illustrate how to use tools. To introduce the concept of gears and how they change the direction of motion.Curious Georgeís Bunny Hunt: In the country, George falls in love with neighbor Billís new pet bunnies. They are so irresistible that when Bill leaves to do his paper route, George just has to pet one. But as soon as he opens the bunny hutch, they all escape. By following their footprints and careful counting, George restores order and returns the missing bunnies to their home. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To show that different animals make different tracks. To encourage problem solving and demonstrate counting.
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Tuesday, December 9 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM