Curious George
George Measures Up/Something New Under the Sun
Chef Pisghetti is cooking one up for the records book - a strand of spaghetti that measures 30 feet! But Gnocchi can't resist what she thinks is a long cat toy, and tangles up the noodle after she pounces on it. George and Steve offer to unravel it before Jinny the record lady arrives, while Chef Pisghetti heads to City Hall for an important appointment. Later, the phone riings, and the Chef (thinking Steve is on the other end) asks how tall the building next door is. George has to find a way to measure it, but how? Jinny, Steve and the Chef arrive to see a monkey measuring a building with the world's longest noodle! Now that's one for the record books!It's too hot to do anything except cool off in front of the air conditioner...until the power goes off. To beat the heat, George and the Man with the Yellow Hat visit the museum, which is the only place in town with power, due to its new solar energy panel. George sees how the sun can charge batteries, and the Man agrees to make his famous lasagna for Dr. Levit's birthday. But how can the Man make his lasagna without power for his electric oven? Can a monkey's knowledge of solar power be the key to baking the world's first solar energy birthday lasagna?
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