Lights, Camera...Opera!/All Worked Up
LIGHTS, CAMERA...OPERA! When Muffy's Dad gives her concert tickets, she couldn't be more excited -until she discovers that she's going to gasp! the opera. How will she even understand what's going on let alone stay awake? Opera singer Rodney Gilfrey guest stars to show Muffy why Bizet's "Carmen" can be a whole lot more fun than 'Tween Dream! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Guest star Rodney Gilfry exposes Muffy to opera for the first time, allowing her to open her mind to new musical genres. ALL WORKED UP: Arthur aced five quizzes in a row! But his luck runs out when Mom takes a new job. Did his streak end because Mom's schedule is disrupting his perfect routine?! At first Arthur and D.W. get all worked up over this change at home, but they learn that they'll always be priority number one. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: The Read family learns to adjust at home and at school when mom takes a more active role in the workforce.
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