Curious George
Trader George/One in a Million Chameleon
George has a new hobby - collecting interestingly shaped sticks with his squeaky, rolling cart. When he encounters Allie selling fresh apple cider, he trades his cart for a gallon, but later regrets his decision. He offers to trade a jar of sauerkraut to Allie in return for the cart, but Allie already traded it to Vicki. Can George find the perfect trade for Vicki or is his cart gone forever? Educational Objective: To begin to understand the concept of barter and trade; that in order to get something you want you must provide something of equal value to the person who has it. To be introduced to the idea that an item's value may go up or down depending on the individual's need for it.George could stay busy for hours watching Jade the chameleon--not only does she change colors, but she also has the world's fastest tongue. But when Jade escapes after George accidentally leaves her cage door open, he follows her trail right out the front door! George enlists Hundley's help, but will they be able to find a color-changing chameleon in the big city? Educational Objective: To be introduced to the idea of tracking an animal by looking for signs of its presence or predicting its behavior based on what is known about its habits. To learn something about chameleon physical characteristics and behavior. To be introduced to the very complex concept of chameleon camouflage.
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