The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Flower Power/Snowman's Land
Flower PowerSally's mom has a cold, so Sally wants to pick her some colorful flowers to make her feel better. The Cat in the Hat takes Nick and Sally to the forest of Flora-Fah-Zoom where they meet three different creatures that all depend on flowers to live. Sally decides to make her mother a picture of their adventure in Flora-Fah-Zoom instead of picking a flower that animals need in order to survive.Educational Objective: Function of Flowers - flowers aren't just pretty; they're vital to other creatures as a means of nourishment, habitat, shelter and protection.Snowman's LandSally and Nick have just finished making a statue of the Cat in the Hat out of snow, but he's starting to melt! Good thing Cat knows where to take the melting snowcat: to the cold and snowy north! In the arctic, the kids skate on a frozen lake, make snow sculptures, and learn that water can freeze and melt when it's cold or warm outside. Because it's getting warmer back home, they leave their snowcat sculpture there so they can come back and visit him!Educational Objective: Freezing and Melting - to show that when water gets cold, it turns into snow and ice, and that when ice and snow get warm, they melt into water.
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