Martha Speaks
The Dog Did It/Martha Out West
The Dog Did It Martha shares the Great Oral History of Dogs with Helen, TD, and Truman. According to Martha, dogs gave humans lots of stuff: fire, philosophy, physics, art, and even language. Could this explain why Shakespeare's hero is named Hamlet?Vocabulary(E) primitive, civilization, prehistor(y)(ic), ancient, philosopher, origin(I) stone(s), fire, cave(man)(boy)(girl)(dog)(kids), historyMartha Out West The gang has borrowed a video camera from the library so they can film their very own Wild West production. They each tell their version, featuring with pioneers, outlaws, and…strawberry milkshakes? Vocabulary(E) pioneer, frontier, found(ed), outlaw, property(I) west(ern), mayor, sheriff, town, settle(r)(d)
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