Bampy Battles Bots/Truth, Revision, and the Lexicon Way
Bampy Battles Bots The Botsfords couldn't be more excited to have Bampy, Becky and TJ's grandfather, visit! Becky is thrilled to see him until he tells her that he used to fight robots better than WordGirl. When Tobey invents the ultimate invincible robot, will Bampy be able to help WordGirl save the day?Vocabulary Words: Invincible, Fiction/FictionalTruth, Revision, and the Lexicon WayMr. Big tries a new form of mind control by taking over the school's newspaper, the"Daily Rag". With his misleading articles and city-wide contests, Mr. Big threatens to reveal WordGirl's secret identity.Vocabulary Words: Revise/Revision, Misleading
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