Curious George
Monkey Size Me/Metal Detective
It's hard being a little monkey in a big world. George tries to throw the Man with the Yellow Hat the perfect surprise party, but he orders a cake too big to fit in the freezer and he's too short to hang the decorations from the ceiling. George fantasizes about a life where everything is monkey-sized…where he could drive a monkey-sized car, order a monkey-sized cake, and even wear a monkey-sized yellow hat! But how would a monkey-sized party effect his regular sized guests? Educational Objectives: To use non-standard measuring devices (e.g., George's height and width of his arms) to measure the height and width of objects. To measure length or width, recognize that the units must be placed end-to-end, without leaving any gaps, and without overlapping, when lining up standard or non-standard units. To compare and order a set of measurements by size (e.g. the size of the ladders lined up by height).There's no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than playing with your favorite robot on the beach. But when a sudden rainstorm has George and the Man with the Yellow Hat running for shelter, George is upset to learn that he left his robot resting in the sand. With Professor Wiseman's help, George makes a homemade metal detector to help him find his buried metal friend. Can a monkey rescue a robot using an alarm clock, tape, and a calculator? Educational Objective: To reinforce the concept materials can be influenced by the weather. To demonstrate how following directions help people learn how things work.
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