Martha Speaks
Patrol Dog Martha/The Crooning Crook Caper
Patrol Dog Martha Martha wishes she could help solve crimes like Rascal the police dog, and she's in luck! Officer O'Reilly lets Martha fill in while Rascal is away. Out patrolling, Martha smells a rat. Can she convince them that there's something rotten in the rutabaga?Vocabulary(E) patrol, citation, smuggle, secur(e)(ity)(I) officer, police, freeze, beat, copThe Crooning Crook Caper Helen wishes she could be a kid detective just like her favorite book character, Curious Crystal. When Helen and Martha find a business card for "The Whistler" with "You've been warned" written on the back, they think their career as super sleuths has begun.Vocabulary(E) caper, detective, camouflage, pursu(e)(it), stakeout(I) footprint, monocle, criminal, notebook, handwriting
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