Curious George
George-O-Matic/Curious George, Sheep Herder
George is entranced by the museum's newest addition: a vending machine full of levers, wheels, springs, and healthy snacks! So when George is put in charge of making the dessert for an important dinner party, he can think of nothing better than creating his own dessert dispensing vending machine - the George-O-Matic. One tiny design flaw: George asks Gnocci the cat to motor the machine, causing it to go into overdrive.Educational Objective: To illustrate how many technologies are a result of the needs and wants of people and that the way people live and work has changed throughout history because of technology. To recognize that all products and systems are subject to failure. To demonstrate how a simple machine working with another simple machine results in a complex machine.George buys a cool new scarf at the Country Fair, but with one tug on a loose strand of wool, the entire scarf unravels! While searching for sheep that will give him some wool for another scarf, George accidentally whistles, which sends Bo the sheepdog and his flock of sheep on a wild adventure through the country. Can George whistle his way out of this mess or will his baaaaaad day turn even worse? Educational Objective: To learn something about the interactions between humans and domesticated animals, specifically sheep. To be introduced to the many processes involved in wool production and manufacture.
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