Curious George
Go West, Young Monkey/Meet the New Neighbors
The Doorman gets a special delivery - a Western Town to add to his amazing train set. He lets George, Steve, and Betsy assemble it, but they lose the final railroad pin that holds it all together! After helping them search, an exhausted Hundley dozes off and dreams thathe's the deputy of an old West town where a stranger (George) loses the ceremonial pin that links the new railroad tracks. Can Deputy Hundley find the pin and save the day?Educational Objective: To use creative thinking and problem solving as a means to find many solutions to a problem. To use trial and error (deductive reasoning) to find solutions to a problem.George ventures into the new neighborhood Vietnamese grocery store to buy carrots, cucumbers, and apples. He has a hard time finding the items on his list, so George buys the closest fruits and vegetables he can find: phat thu, mang cau ta, and kho qua. But the ingredients don't work in the Man with the Yellow Hat's recipes. Not wanting to take any more chances, George revisits the store, only this time he brings takeout and the storeowners back with him!Educational Objective: To learn that, while different people eat and cook with different foods, all people enjoy preparing and eating food. To be introduced to the idea that eating together is an activity that crosses cultural boundaries. To reinforce the idea that it is important to try new things, specifically new foods or familiar foods prepared in new ways.
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