Around the World in 11 Minutes/Muffy and the Big Bad Blog
Around the World in 11-MinutesPal, Baby Kate, Amigo, and Mei Lin enthusiastically accept Nemo's dare to travel around the world and make it back in 11 minutes. After all, there's a prized pork chop and a lot of pride on the line! Adventuring by plane, hot-air balloon and motor scooters, the gang encounters many obstacles along the way - mostly because of Nemo's meddling! - but giddily experience the joys of global expedition. Educational Objective: Pal, Baby Kate, Amigo, and Mei Lin discover differences in land, cultures, and modes of transportation as they travel around the world. Muffy and the Big Bad Blog Muffy discovers that web blogging is a great way to keep her readers up to date with her every move…whether they're interested or not! But then she goes too far and publicizes a disagreement with Francine. Can Muffy learn that some things really are better left private?Educational Objective: Muffy learns that being in the moment is important for living, not for blogging. Muffy and Francine learn the appropriate way to confront a problem with a friend is by talking to each other instead of posting their grievances online.
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