D.W., Queen of the Comeback/In My Africa
D.W., Queen of the Comeback The Tibbles tease, D.W. fires back, the Tibbles taunt, D.W. has a snappy comeback, and round and round they go! Will it ever end? Perhaps an ancient Indian fable about a turtle and two wisecracking geese will be enough to teach D.W. to just let it go.Educational Objective: Through storytelling, D.W. learns that it's better to work cooperatively and sometimes let things go rather than to seek revenge.In My Africa D.W.'s new classmate, Cheikh, is Brain's young cousin…and is also from Senegal, Africa! When D.W. realizes that she doesn't know much about Africa she decides to learn through music - and she, Brain and Cheikh team up to write a song about all 54 countries on that continent!Educational Objective: D.W. learns to research a country before making assumptions about its people and culture. Through collaboration and song, she teaches her friends about Africa.
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