Curious George
Mother's Day Surprise/Jungle Gym
It's Mother's Day and Marco wants to surprise his mami with a party! George is excited to help Marco make a piņata and other festive decorations while Cecilia and the Man with the Yellow Hat prepare some of Maritza's favorite food. But when they see her arriving early, will the crew be able to pull it together in time to make this one mother's day she'll never forget? Educational Objective: To understand the design process is a creative process that requires planning and problem solving.George, Allie, and Bill really flip for flips when they join a gymnastics class and then flip-out when they realize the class is only once a week! But George has an idea-build their own backyard gym so they can practice every day. Will an inventive monkey, a determined little girl, and a can-do boy be able to carry it off and impress their teacher at the next class? Educational Objective: To apply the design process through building and investigating how something is made and improved. To reinforce the idea of exercise as important to a healthy lifestyle. To be introduced to some specific gymnastics exercises and related safety rules. To use ordinary materials creatively and in new contexts in order to generate solutions to problems.
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