Dinosaur Train
Dinosaur Big City Part 1/Dinosaur Big City Part 2
Dinosaur Big City Part 1Buddy and the Pteranodon family begin their journey on the Dinosaur Train, gathering all their Theropod friends together to travel to a really big Theropod Club Convention which is being held in Laramidia, the "Dinosaur Big City"!Educational ObjectiveLaramidia was an island continent that existed during the Late Cretaceous period, when the Western Interior Seaway split the continent of North America in two. Dinosaur Big City Part 2The Pteranodon family continues their journey to the Theropod Convention in Laramidia, the Dinosaur Big City! Among the Theropod dinosaurs that ride the Train with them is King Cryolophosaurus, who sings his songs "Big Ol' Whistle-Stop Rock-n-Roll Dinosaur Tour" and "Whole Lotta Theropods"!Educational ObjectiveTheropods were a large classification of carnivorous dinosaurs that had three-toed feet, lots of teeth, a long tail for balancing, and a great sense of smell!
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