Dinosaur Train
Haunted Roundhouse/Big Pond Pumpkin Patch
Haunted RoundhouseDad takes the kids on a special Night Train to Troodon Town, where the Troodons have decorated their Roundhouse into a "haunted house" for a spooky party. The kids end up meeting a strange new nocturnal creature - a mammal named Vlad Volaticotherium, who was hiding in the roundhouse trying to get some sleep.Educational Objectives There were many small, nocturnal mammals with great hearing, like Volaticotherium, that lived alongside dinosaurs. Volaticotherium was an egg-laying, flying squirrel-like critter.Big Pond Pumpkin Patch The Pteranodon family learns more about the customs of their neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family, when they are invited for the first time to accompany them to the Big Pond to celebrate "Gourd Day" - a kind of Mesozoic Halloween. The kids see their first pumpkins, and Larry Lambeosaurus even shows our family how to hollow them out and carve faces into them. Educational Objectives A gourd has seeds in the middle, and is a fruit, not a vegetable. We learn about the Autumn Moon, a very full moon that occurs around the time of the Autumnal Equinox, a 24 hour period when day and night last approximately an equal amount of time.
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