Dinosaur Train
Shiny and Snakes/Tiny Loves Flowers
Shiny and SnakesShiny gets over her fear of snakes when Tiny challenges the Nature Trackers to meet the ultimate snake: the Sanajeh, a huge Cretaceous snake from what is now India. Dad takes the kids on the Dinosaur Train to find Sana Sanajeh, who may be huge, but turns out to be quite friendly. Once Shiny and Sana become friends, Shiny returns home with the knowledge that snakes aren't scary - they're just another part of nature!Educational ObjectiveMany children (and adults) are afraid of any and all snakes, and even think of them as "evil" creatures. This episode teaches that most snakes are not harmful to us - and even do many things to help the natural world.Tiny Loves Flowers Tiny is horrified when her favorite buttercups all wilt, so Mom takes her and the family to the Big Pond, where she remembers seeing a whole lot of buttercups in bloom. On the way there, the Conductor gives the kids a visual lesson in "Nature's Life Cycle," explaining how a flower grows, blossoms, then wilts, and returns its seeds to the ground, to start the cycle all over again. Tiny finds her flowers at the Big Pond, both blooming and wilting, and can see nature's life cycle in action.Educational Objective Tiny and the kids learn about the plant life cycle and what flowers needs to survive - how they take energy from their environment and change it from one form to another; how they convert sunlight, water, and nutrients in the dirt into something beautiful to look at and smell.
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