A World Without WordGirl, Part 1/A World Without WordGirl, Part 2
A World Without WordGirl, Part 1When Becky's most amazing birthday party ever gets interrupted one too many times by citizens in need of WordGirl's assistance, she wishes on her birthday candle for a WordGirl-free world. After they're blown out, she realizes her wish has come true. What has she done?!Vocabulary Words: Obligation, AntsyA World Without WordGirl, Part 2After making a wish for a WordGirl-free world, Becky realizes it has come true. Not only does WordGirl not exist, but Chuck is now the King and has the new city following all sorts of strange rules. Will Becky find the last piece of enchanted birthday cake so that she can wish for the return of WordGirl and make things go back to how they were before?Vocabulary Words: Enchanted, Unusual
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