The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Hooray for Hair/Ice Is Nice
Hooray for HairSally and Nick are getting their hair cut today; maybe they should try new hairstyles! A trip to meet three of Cat's friends (and some styling help from the Wig-o-lator) will help them decide! Should they have Yak hair? No, too hot! How about hair like a fur seal? Not quite, too short. A porcupine? No way! How will they ever get a hug from their moms with hair that spiky? They decide that the hair they have is what's perfect for them!Educational Objective: Animal hair isn't just 'stylish' - it has many protective purposes - like warmth, waterproofing and to ward off predators. Ice is NiceNick and Sally want some nice cold lemonade, but there are no more ice cubes in Sally's fridge! A trip to Freeze-your-knees Snowland will fix that! They meet Cat's friend Polly the polar bear who introduces Sally and Nick to all the different kinds of ice that make up her home. After trying many types of ice, they find the kind that will be perfect for their lemonade!Educational Objective: To learn about the different kinds of ice in the Arctic, and a little about the polar bear (Ursus maritimus).
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