Have Snob, Will Travel/Tobey's Playground Calamity
Have Snob, Will TravelUnable to choose the most valuable items to steal, The Butcher kidnaps Reginald the jeweler and uses him for his knowledge of fine artifacts. Amidst a fence painting contest, Becky must put her paint brush down so that WordGirl can rescue Reginald and stop the Butcher's stealing spree.Vocabulary Words: Formal, FretTobey's Playground CalamityMs. Davis holds a recycling fundraiser contest to raise money for a new playground, which was destroyed by villains over the weekend. It will be dedicated in honor of the winner. Will Becky finally be recognized for her merits over WordGirl? Or will Tobey and his evil robots destroy the city in his quest to win?Vocabulary Words: Dedicate, Calamity
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