Curious George
School of Dance/Curious George Sounds Off
Little monkeys love to dance, which is why George can't wait for Allie's dance party. When Bill announces he's leaving town because he doesn't know how to dance the box step, George creates a footsteps dance step map to help. But you can't take a dance map to a party! How will Bill keep from stepping on toes without one? Educational Objective: To recognize simple patterns occurring across domains -- in numbers, sound rhythms, shapes, and movement. To identify the terms left and right, and locate them on the appropriate side of the body using different colors (red and blue) to represent the concepts of right foot, left foot. Chef Pisghetti is distraught: his chickens won't lay any eggs! After spending a night in the chicken coop, George discovers that the chickens aren't sleeping and are too tired to lay eggs. The noisy alley is the culprit. Will George's efforts to soundproof the chicken coop with recycled materials pay off with egg-cellent results? Educational Objective:To discover that differing properties of materials can influence how and why the materials are used.
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