Curious George
Feeling Antsy/Maple Monkey Madness
George loves starting the day off with a big breakfast, but more food lands on the floor than in his mouth. As George cleans up his mess, he spots an army of ants, something the Man with the Yellow Hat warned his messy monkey about. With some help from his friend Hundley, can a monkey and dog come up with a plan to get rid of the unwelcome houseguests or does George have hundreds of new roommates?Educational Objective: To observe and describe the behavior of living things. To recognize that animals depend on their environment and on other living things for survival.George pours the last drop of maple syrup on his pancakes, leaving the Man with the Yellow Hat with a dry stack of flapjacks. George learns that maple syrup comes from trees, so he and Allie team up to replenish the Man's syrup supply. After tapping lots of trees, tasting bitter sap, and turning sap into syrup at the Renkins' sugar shack, George is finally able to bring home syrup for the Man…just in time for dinner!Educational Objective: To be introduced to the process of maple syrup production. To reinforce the usefulness of systematic trial and error in inquiry, and the characteristic of persistence as a positive quality in doing inquiry.
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