Masterpiece Classic | Oliver Twist
Part 2: Wounded during a night burglary attempt with the psychopath Sikes (Tom Hardy), Oliver is nursed back to health by Nancy (Sophie Okenedo). Little does he know that a battle is raging between those who want to save him and those who want to kill him. Part 2 of 2. Mini-series: A young orphan is branded a rebel for wanting more gruel, leading to a phantasmagoria of adventures in early 19th-century London. William Miller stars as Oliver Twist in Charles Dickens' much-loved story, with Timothy Spall (Harry Potter) as Fagin the cutpurse king, Adam Arnold as the Artful Dodger and a galaxy of other great actors creating the seedy, sentimental and colorful world that can only be called Dickensian.
Rating: -- Length: 1