Curious George
DJ George/Curious George Paints the Desert
It's George's lucky day when the Man with the Yellow Hat wins tickets to a Bonnie Smooth concert over the radio. But at the radio station, George's luck turns when he accidentally locks himself into the DJ booth just as Bonnie Smooth herself is scheduled to call in for an interview. Can a DJ teach a monkey how to operate a radio station through a sound proof window in time for the big call, or will George be able to figure it out on his own?Educational Objective: To learn the sequence and order of specific procedures or steps and order the steps numerically in terms of first, second, third, etc. To create representations of a series of procedures, using gesture, written pictorial symbols, or concrete objects. To identify objects based on their properties, such as shape and color.While visiting the Quints during their desert vacation, George is thrilled when his new Native American friend makes a colorful sand painting of the happy monkey. But a jackrabbit runs through the painting, ruining the work of art and making George not so happy. George decides to make his own painting to replace the ruined one, but when he doesn't have the correct color of sand, he turns to food to help dye it the right color. Educational Objective: To be introduced to the idea of creating art using earth's natural materials. To learn something about the role of the traditional medicine man in Native American culture
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Friday, November 21 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM