Curious George
Junky Monkey/Jumpy Warms Up
Steve is appointed head of Pretty City Committee Pod 7 on a mission to lead George, the Man with the Yellow Hat, Aunt Margaret, Betsy, and Charkie to clean up litter in their neighborhood. But where others see trash, George sees treasures hidden in alleys, sidewalk, and recycling bins. He takes his to his apartment and sorts them by shape and size, transforming his collection into a masterpiece worthy to be hung at City Hall. But will the mayor agree or call it junk?Educational Objective: To recognize that a collection is not a bunch of random objects; it's a group of things that relate in a specific way. To recognize that there are a lot of different ways to compare and contrast objects. To categorize objects into groups based on their properties, such as shape, size, color. To use the attributes to sort, compare, or describe groups of objects.One cold winter's day, George and the Man with the Yellow Hat find an unexpected houseguest living in their country home -- Jumpy Squirrel! While the Man insulates their home to keep heat in and squirrels out, George worries that Jumpy's nest won't keep his friend warm enough through the winter. George decides to build Jumpy a winter proof house, and much to Jumpy's surprise, the monkey's squirrel resort is pretty cozy!Educational Objective: To be introduced to the concepts of temperature, air, and the movement of air from warmer to cooler areas. To be introduced to the concept of insulation as a means of inhibiting the natural flow of air from warmer to cooler areas. To explore the properties of various materials in relation to their insulating capacity
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