Dinosaur Train
Dinos A to Z, Part 3, Classification/Dinos A to Z, Part 4, A to Z Picnic
Dinos A to Z, Part 3, ClassificationThe Pteranodon family rides the Dinosaur Train - now with extra cars attached -- as it continues picking up more dinosaurs that are in the `Dinosaurs A to Z' song. The Pteranodon family reunites with some dinosaurs they've met before, and are introduced to species they've never met! The Pteranodon kids also learn about classification, and Don leads the way organizing the dinosaurs on the Train by their species, features, and size. Educational Objectives This episode stresses the idea of scientific classification - grouping diverse dinosaurs into categories by such specific things as species, features, size, time period they lived in, diet, etc. Dinos A to Z, Part 4, A to Z PicnicThe Pteranodon family is on the Dinosaur Train, now very crowded with all 26 dinosaurs mentioned in the `Dinosaurs A to Z' song. The Train has added more extra cars than it ever has, and there's even an additional engine to help pull the Train to Troodon Town. At Troodon Town, all the dinosaurs have fun at a picnic, and then Tiny leads the 26 different `A to Z' dinosaurs in a fun, rousing, and historic singing of the `Dinosaurs A to Z' song!Educational Objectives This episode emphasizes the great diversity among the dinosaurs in the Mesozoic Era, and how classification is used by scientists (and our series' kids).
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