Dinosaur Train
Arnie Rides the Flatcar/Old Reliable
Arnie Rides the FlatcarBuddy, Tiny, and Mom visit their very large sauropod friend, Arnie Argentinosaurus, and his dad. Arnie has grown bigger since our kids have seen him and is now too big to ride on the Dinosaur Train anymore. Tiny and Buddy arrange with Mr. Conductor for Arnie to be the first big dinosaur to ride on the newest Dinosaur Train car - the flatbed car! Educational Objectives Scientists theorize that the plant-eating Argentinosaurus had a total body length of 130-140 feet. It had an extremely long length and tail, and a small head. Argentinosaurus was almost 10 times bigger than the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs of the time. Because of its size, the Argentinosaurus probably spent a lot of its day seeking and eating plants, and had very few problems with predators. Old ReliableMr. Pteranodon and Mr. Lambeosaurus take all the kids to see a field of geysers - holes in the ground that hot water shoots out from! At the same time, Mrs. Pteranodon and Mrs. Lambeosaurus are relaxing nearby in soothing pools of warm water, called hot springs. In the end, the kids love seeing the geysers and then joining the Moms in their hot springs, while accidentally surprising Mr. Conductor who is secretly trying to relax in his own private hot spring pool! Educational Objectives Much of the inside of the Earth is very hot and molten. When molten rock (magma) gets close to the Earth's surface, it can warm up water, producing such phenomena as "hot springs" and "geysers." Geysers occur when water is superheated by the magma and then violently forced to the surface along cracks in the rocks.
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