This Old House
Cambridge Project, Part 1 of 15
Homeowners John Stone and Sally Peterson want to turn an 1887 Victorian-era two family house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, into a one-family home. Landscape contractor Roger Cook finds a few surprises in the yard, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey uses an eye-opening energy audit to demonstrate the need for efficiency upgrades, and general contractor Tom Silva brings in a deconstruction expert to remove all of the old and unneeded house parts.Project listing: The 1887 Victorian-era home sits in the densely packed urban neighborhood of Avon Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Homeowners Sally and John, with their two young daughters, must preserve the exterior of the former two-family house to comply with conservation district standards. Inside, however, they will eliminate decades of 1960s and 70s remodeling that has already stripped much of the house’s historic character. The result will be a new house within the shell of an old one - an open, modern, bright Scandinavian-style home with the kitchen, dining, and living area on the first floor, the kids’ bedrooms on the second floor, and a grand master suite in the third-floor attic space. Beyond the design of the project, the THIS OLD HOUSE crew will deconstruct the interior and will re-use, recycle and resell as much of the salvaged material as possible. They also will replace the electrical and plumbing systems, adding air conditioning for the first time and upgrading the heating system and insulation to be more energy efficient.
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