Curious George
Monkey Down Under/Bright Lights, Little Monkey
George and The Man with the Yellow Hat visit the land down under for an Australian outback safari adventure! While the Man goes sightseeing for sea cows, George stays behind to investigate footprints in the sand. Could it be a mysterious hopping clown rabbit? Or perhaps…a baby kangaroo! Educational Objective: To learn about the specific characteristics and behavior of kangaroos. To learn about some of the species of Australia and their habitats. To use inquiry and investigation as a way of finding answers to questions.George, Allie, and Bill go on a late-night search for a mysterious creature - the Perseids. But taking pictures in the dark is hard enough without making noise to scare away their camera-shy guests. They'll need a new way to communicate…in a flash! Educational objective: To learn that messages can be transmitted in different ways and using different senses. To understand the importance of the senses in communication. To learn some information about the Persiads meteor showers.
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