Curious George
We Otter Be Friends/Sir George and the Dragon
After an otter swims away with Mr. Quint's boat keys, a stranded George tries everything he can to retrieve them. But the otter is a faster swimmer, a quicker runner, and a better hider than George. Can George out-otter the otter and get the keys back? Educational objective: To learn about the specific characteristics and behavior of otters. To understand that living things have specific characteristics and behavior that can be observed and described. To understand the relationship between living things and their habitats.George is starring in his first play. Under the hot stage lights, George falls asleep and dreams he's a guarding a medieval castle! Can the clever monkey figure out how to keep Dragon Charkie out of the castle and be the hero of the play? Educational objectives: To understand the structure and purpose of a drawbridge. Using and adapting prior knowledge or experience to create a solution to a problem.
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Upcoming Show Times
Tuesday, November 25 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM