Curious George
Hundley Jr./Curious George Gets Winded
What's long, low to the ground, and loves to clean milkweed off the lobby floor? Hundley's newest friend and caterpillar, Hundley Jr! But when Hundley is torn between looking after the lobby and caring for his new friend, he turns his lobby duties over - to a monkey! Educational objective: To understand that living things have life cycles. To learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. To support problem-solving through close observation. To gain respect for living things, their characteristics and their needs.Bill needs one more newspaper delivery to win the coveted Golden Pouch, but a big snowfall ruins his chances. Even with George's help, there's no way he can deliver all those papers in time. Can George's monkey-made wind sled help the duo sail to victory? Educational objective: Controlling wind power (a natural occurrence) for a useful purpose. Using recycled materials through repurposing to solve a problem. Identifying and transferring learning and experiences and finding solutions to a need.
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