Dinosaur Train
Tiny and the Crocodile/Meet the Grandparents
Tiny and the Crocodile Team Pteranodon travels to Dienosuchas Swamp to meet Deanna Dienosuchas, a 40 foot crocodile with many big teeth, and a crabby attitude. Tiny leads the way to warm up Deanna who turns out to be more friendly and less scary than our kids imagined. Educational Objectives Deinosuchus was a 40 foot crocodile that was a ferocious carnivore with a mighty tail measuring half its body length. Llike modern crocodiles and aligators, its tail probably helped it swim swiftly through the water, and could have been used as a defensive weapon. Meet the Grandparents The Pteranodon kids have special visitors - their Grandma and Grandpa! The kids delight in realizing they share similar traits with their grandparents (laughs, expressions, and interests), and love showing Grandma and Grandpa around the nest area and playing some games they all like. Educational Objectives Many animals, such as Pteranodons, undertook annual long distance migrations.
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