Dinosaur Train
Double-Crested Trouble/Erma and the Conductor
Double-Crested TroubleWhile riding the Dinosaur Train, Buddy and Tiny meet Dylan and Devlin Dilophosaurus, twin brothers with amazing double-crests on their heads. Dylan and Devlin like to compete over everything from getting the best seat on the train, to being the best hunter. After Tiny and Buddy spend time with the brothers, they show them how working as a team can help them succeed while hunting! Educational ObjectivesThe unique double-crests of Dilophosaurus were used, like most creatures' crests, to show-off and impress. This episode also stresses the predatory lifestyles of these dinosaurs, noting that most carnivores have to hunt and scavenge to "make a living," using all their instincts, while taking advantage of whatever meat they can find.Ermna and the ConductorThe Pteranodon family is on the Dinosaur Train headed to the Big Pond for a special nighttime treat - watching a meteor shower in the sky! Mr. Conductor stops to pick up Erma Eoraptor, his best friend, whom he's excited to spend time with that night. At the Big Pond, the Conductor and Erma are interrupted a few times while trying to be alone, but soon find the perfect spot back on the Train. They watch the meteor shower from there, as our Pteranodon family watches the amazing meteors from the Big Pond beach. Educational ObjectivesThere are stars in the night sky, of course, but also ice dust and bits of rock. When they shoot through the sky and get low to the Earth we call them "meteors." When many meteors shoot across the sky and give off trails of bright lights, that's a meteor shower. The showers often last most of the night.
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