Martha Stewart's Cooking School
This episode is devoted to roasting, a straightforward and adaptable technique that also works well for meat, fish and chicken. Marthaís roast chicken showcases the benefits of this method, with a crisp exterior and moist interior. Because roasting so beautifully concentrates the flavors of the ingredients, itís also well suited to vegetables, and Martha includes a recipe for a delicious roasted root vegetable salad. Finally, she prepares a show-stopping dish fit for any holiday table: a green peppercorn-crusted roast tenderloin of beef. Martha teaches viewers how to properly brown the exterior of the meat while making sure the interior is cooked to perfection. The key to this is checking the internal temperature at about three-quarters of the total suggested cooking time, and then keep checking in at fairly frequent intervals afterward.Martha's roasting lesson is demonstrated as she shares her recipe for the Perfect Roast Chicken which is crispy on the outside and wonderfully moist on the inside. She also teaches how to roast vegetables and prepares a delicious roasted root vegetable salad. Martha also teaches how to roast everyone's favorite-a tenderloin of beef with a green peppercorn crust.
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