Masterpiece Classic | Downton Abbey Season 3
Set in March 1920. Cora’s mother sweeps into Downton for Matthew and Mary’s wedding, causing friction with the Dowager Countess with her "revolutionary" way of seeing things. Lord Grantham is informed that his attempt to make money for Downton by pouring the bulk of Cora's fortune into a single railway company has failed, leaving the estate near bankruptcy. Salvation is possible thanks to Matthew inheriting a large amount of money from Lavinia's father, but his high values will not let him keep the money, feeling it a betrayal of Lavinia and her father. Meanwhile, O'Brien's nephew Alfred joins the staff downstairs and struggles against both Carson's high standards and Thomas' vindictive behaviour. /// Set in April 1920. With the future of Downton hanging in the balance, Mary and the Dowager Countess conspire to show Downton at its grandest, thereby persuading Mrs Levinson to give Downton more money and save them from financial ruin. Their attempts are impeded by the oven breaking down, forcing Mrs Levinson to throw the impromptu party herself. She reveals, when finally asked for help, that though she will "entertain them in New York" she cannot provide them money, as her own late husband tied it up much as Violet's did, feeling the Crawleys had more than their share. She laments their impending loss but tells them they have to adapt to the changing world, and states her intent to return to America. Meanwhile downstairs, O'Brien and Thomas wage war against one another due to Alfred's recent promotion to valet to Matthew, whilst Mrs Levinson's maid takes a shine to Alfred. Mrs Hughes faces a cancer scare that she shares only with Mrs Patmore and Doctor Clarkson, and Mrs Isobel Crawley finds Ethel has become a prostitute.
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