Martha Stewart's Cooking School
Because poached meats are moist and tender yet still mild in flavor, they work well as the basis for numerous salads, soups and light suppers. They’re also famously low in fat. Martha begins this lesson by showing how one of the most healthful and versatile preparations — simply poached chicken breast — can be incorporated into all-American chicken salad sandwiches as well as a Cobb salad. Martha also shares recipes and techniques for poached salmon steaks, and reveals the secret to poaching eggs. Because poaching requires little, if any, fat, this cooking method is among the most healthful. Martha demonstrates the method of poaching with some of her favorite healthy recipes. She teaches how to poach a chicken breast and then shows how she uses it for a delicious chicken salad sandwich, as well as Cobb salad and an old fashioned stuffed tomato with chicken tarragon salad. Martha also has the secret to perfect poached eggs and how to prepare them for a crowd. And if you're looking for a light simple dinner to make tonight, look no further than her poached salmon steaks.
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