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Dinosaur Train Submarine: Shoshana Shonosaurus/All Kinds of Families
Dinosaur Train Submarine: Shoshana ShonosaurusThe Pteranodon family goes under the sea again, to ride the Dinosaur Train Submarine - this time they go to meet Shoshana Shonisaurus, an enormous marine reptile that's something between a dolphin and a whale. Since Shoshana loves to dive down very deep, Shiny has a problem with following her down to the bottom of the sea. Shoshana kindly helps Shiny get over her fear of diving deep.Educational Objective Shonisaurus was a giant, slow marine animal that, like the modern whale, was an air-breather. Preschoolers love learning about huge, mighty whales and dolphins so learning about a comparable marine animal from the Mesozoic will be very exciting. All Kinds of Families When Buddy expresses his feelings about being adopted to Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon, they tell him that he will always be a part of the Pteranodon family. Mom takes Buddy and Tiny to meet another adopted dinosaur kid named Sonny Sauroposeidon, a huge tall creature, now a part of tiny Mikey Microraptor's family. Buddy and Sonny bond over being adopted and knowing that they are both in adoptive families that are different species but still love and appreciate them. Educational Objectives This episode teaches that Sauroposeidon had much in common with other sauropods-they were huge, four-legged, long-necked, tiny-headed plant-eaters. The Sauroposeidon was unique for having one of the longest necks ever of any dinosaur we know about today.
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