Dinosaur Train
Dinosaur Train Submarine: A Sea Turtle Tale/Rocket Train
Dinosaur Train Submarine: A Sea Turtle TaleOur Pteranodon family is on the beach watching small eggs hatch and baby Archelon turtles emerge, and start to swim away. Our family and Mr. Conductor get into the Dinosaur Train Submarine and follow the baby Archelons who discover their own facts of nature - that their mother doesn't stay with them after they're born, and that they will grow up to be giant-sized sea turtles. Educational ObjectiveArchelon was a giant sea turtle that came out onto the beach to lay its many (hundreds of) eggs, and then left the young to fend for themselves upon hatching.Rocket TrainTiny and Buddy find out that a newer train will be riding the same tracks as the Dinosaur Train. The new train is called the Rocket Train, and its conductor is named Thurston Troodon, who was a former classmate and rival of Mr. Conductor. Thurston is very confident and boasts that the Rocket Train is newer, better, and faster than the "old Dinosaur Train." Mrs. Troodon, Thurston, and Mr. Conductor's old teacher, suggests a friendly train race. With Tiny and Buddy on board, the "old" Dinosaur Train ends up helping out Thurston and the new Rocket Train after it breaks down. Educational Objectives Proganochelys was a land-turtle from the Triassic Time Period with a strong beak, armor-covered feet and tail, and a bony shell made up of about 60 plates! The creature's neck is covered with spikes, to protect itself from predators! Proganochelys cannot pull its neck into its shell. The Triassic Time Period was generally hot and dry, and populated by small dinosaurs and amazing reptiles!
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