The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Gorillas in the Nest/Tale of a Dragon
Gorillas in the NestSally and Nick have made a sleepover tent on the floor. But it's not very comfortable. The Cat's friend Gordon the Gorilla knows how to make a comfortable bed. Off to the Twisty-Misty Mountains to meet him! They discover that gorillas build nests to sleep in, with the dads sleeping on the ground and the moms and kids sleeping in a tree! Now Nick and Sally know how to make their own comfy cozy "nests" at home!Educational Objective: Mountain Gorillas make nests on the ground and in trees. The gorilla is shy and retiring rather than ferocious and treacherous.Tale of a DragonDragons don't really exist, but Cat knows some lizard friends who are oh-so like dragons! They can show Nick and Sally how to pretend to be dragons. The first one they meet is Ignacio the green iguana who shows them his spikes and dewlap. Then it's off to meet Draco the flying lizard who has wings! Kimora the komodo dragon is the last stop, she shows the kids her long wiggly tongue. Now, with some help from things around the house, Nick and Sally know just what they need to be dragons!Educational Objective: Dragons only live in our imaginations - but there are some real lizards who have body parts that would suit a dragon perfectly.
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