Father's Day Dance-A-Thon/Big Is Botsford's Boss
Father's Day Dance-A-ThonIt's Father's Day and the Butcher has big plans to mark the occasion. With Becky busy boogieing non-stop at the Father's Day Dance-a-thon, it's up to Captain Huggy Face to play the hero. But when WordGirl's trusty sidekick joins forces with the Butcher, will WordGirl be able to save the day - and help her father win the big trophy?Vocabulary Words: Observe, Determined Big is Botsford's BossMr. Big decides to give all the citizens of the City a yo-yo to make up for the many times he tricked them and stole from them. WordGirl knows that Mr. Big must have something evil planned. Can she stop his scheme in time or will Mr. Big's yo-yos get her all tied up in knots?Vocabulary Words: Blissful, Expertise
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