Secrets of Althorp - The Spencers
Althorp, childhood home and final resting place of Princess Diana, is currently the home of Dianaís brother, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer. Nineteen generations of Spencers have presided over this grand estate for more than 500 years. The Spencer dynasty has produced politicians, military heroes, dukes and duchesses and will one day furnish Britain with a king: Dianaís son, Prince William. Noted for their generosity, the Spencers once came to the rescue of a distant cousin fallen on hard times: the great-great-great-grandfather of George Washington. Althorp House has hosted some of the kingdomís most distinguished guests, and its rooms have witnessed scenes of great celebration, the first earlís secret wedding to his sweetheart and most recently, the marriage of the current earl, who takes viewers on a personal tour around the noble manor thatís first of all his family home.
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