-Clare Rowley is an inventor and owner of Creative Feet, and she’s going to make napkins using the Satinedge presser foot she invented for a blind and deaf sewer in 1986. Since this presser foot guides the fabric itself, even children or adults with physical and visual challenges can enjoy sewing.-There is a lot to consider when buying candles, and Melanie Thayn is going to talk about what to look for and how to get the most from the candles you buy. This includes burning time, wicks, fragrance, and more. She’s an independent consultant with PartyLite. -With Florida strawberries, you can enjoy a taste of summer all winter long. Sue Harrell represents the Florida Strawberry Growers Assn., and she’ll talk about the growing season, selection, storage and much more as she prepares a Strawberry/Banana smoothie for a quick and healthy breakfast.
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