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Paper Chase/A Polar Adventure
Paper ChaseSally and Nick are making paper airplanes, but have run out of paper! Luckily Cat's friend Dr. Twiggles can help them! Off to the Woody Wood Woods to see him. There, Dr. Twiggles shows them how to make new paper out of old paper - recycling! They watch how the old paper is shredded, then water and cleaner are added to make it into a thick, soupy mess! Then they put it through rollers that flatten it into large sheets of paper! Now Nick and Sally can make their airplanes, and the best part, they used recycled paper!Educational Objective: How paper is made - from trees which are pulped, and also for re-cycling old paper.A Polar AdventureNick and Sally have lost Teddy outside, they need to find him, bears don't like the snow! Well some bears do, proclaims the Cat. In Freeze-Your-Knees-Snowland, Cat's friend Polly the polar bear loves the snow! They meet Polly and her two bear cubs and learn how their thick fur keeps them warm and how their long claws keep them from slipping on the ice. When a storm blows in, Polly keeps everyone warm in her den. Polar bears really do like the cold! Back home, Sally finds Teddy buried under the snow, but he was nice and safe in his own little den!Educational Objective: How polar bears survive the arctic winter - with their warm furry coats, feet with claws and gripping pads on their paws that help them move across the snow, and retreating to a den during a storm.
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Tuesday, November 25 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM