- Laura Dellutri is a lifestyle expert with Healthy Housekeeper, Inc., and she’s going to show some new products on the market that just might make your life more stress free. These include a Shiatsu pillow, a foot bath, a sound spa, and a single-serving coffeemaker – just to name a few. - Casey Schwartz is a floral designer and co-owner of Flower Duet, and she’s going to show how to make a tussie-mussie or what is sometimes referred to as Victorian posies. Victorians believed flowers had special meanings, so the idea is to select flowers to convey your special message to someone. - Power Up! What makes breakfast the best meal of the day? Registered dietitian and author, Pat Baird is going to answer this question, and discuss the use of MyPlate in determining what to eat at every meal. She represents National Got Milk Campaign.
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